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PLNT Impact Tracker


Every month is Earth Month, and every meal is an opportunity to vote for a healthier food system, and future for generations to come!

Choosing PLNT isn’t just delicious, it’s kind to Mother Earth. 

Here's what we're doing together:

Liters of water saved


Square meters of land saved


KG of CO2 saved


KG of oil saved


On average, each PLNT Burger order saves 14.4KG of CO2, about as much as a car produces driving for 4 hours; 126 gallons of water, about as much as 10 five minute showers; and 7.63 sq. meters of land, enough land to plant 300 potatoes or 1,200 carrots.

We are proud to introduce our PLNT Impact Tracker, which actively calculates the positive impact that PLNT customers have on our planet’s vital resources for every dollar spent. Every burger eaten means massive savings of water, energy, land, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Americans consume around 50 billion hamburgers per year, making burgers one of the biggest contributors to agricultural emissions and Climate Change. We believe that enjoying delicious burgers, one of the staples of the American diet, shouldn’t come at the expense of precious natural resources or the ecosystem services that we depend on. If we can shift even a small percentage of those 50 billion burgers to PLNT-based instead of animal based, it would result in gargantuan resource savings, and allow much of the current land that is an agricultural used to be rewilded. Choosing an option that’s better for human health, animal health, and planetary health should be an upgrade rather than a sacrifice. That’s why we founded PLNT Burger. That’s what we mean when we say “Eat the change you wish to see in the world.”

Our tracker is based on the average resource savings per dollar spent at PLNT Burger according to the most recent life-cycle analysis conducted, and our impact forecast, based on Beyond Meat's 2022 ESG Report and Updated LCA Study