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A Mission to Change the World: New York City Mayor Supports PLNT Burger's Mission

PLNT Burger Employee and Mayor Adams

In a world, increasingly conscious of its environmental impact, changes are taking place from our neighborhoods to the political sphere. One such revolutionary change is how our food is becoming the vehicle to drive us toward a more sustainable future. 

PLNT Burger is no stranger to the sheer power that a plant-based lifestyle holds. New York City’s Mayor Adams also knows that impact, because he’s lived it. 

A Leader Dedicated to a Sustainable Future

New York City’s Mayor, Eric Adams, has been a leader in the city's adoption of plant-based living. He not only teaches it, but he has also used a plant-based diet to reverse his type 2 diabetes and save his vision. This inspired Adams to write his book, Healthy At Last: A Plant-Based Approach to Preventing and Reversing Diabetes and Other Chronic Diseases. 

His mission is to help others take back control of their own health, and he’s using his political platform to advocate for a healthier, more sustainable future for New York City. The impact is vast. With New York City being a world leader for many, Mayor Adams is paving the way for other communities with his eating for health and sustainability blueprint. 

How Mayor Adams is Leading the Way

Below are just a few of the plant-forward initiatives Mayor Adams is using to lead in his mission to transform the food system and bring healthier food choices to the community. 

Plant-Powered Fridays

The main entree served in all public schools each Friday is vegan and available to all children and staff in the New York City public school system.

Plant-Based Events

The Mayor has hosted several large events that showcase primarily plant-based, vegan dishes. 

C40’s Good Food Cities Declaration

Adams signed the C40 Good Food Cities Declaration, joining other cities around the world committed to increasing access to plant-forward nutrition, reducing their city’s food waste, and combatting climate change. 

Plant-based Policy

Mayor Adams is a proud supporter of PLNT Burger and our mission and he’s helping to pioneer the plant-based movement in the Big Apple, promoting environmental sustainability and public health in the process.

This change signifies a monumental shift in public policy toward recognizing the value and power of plant-based diets and setting a strong example for cities worldwide. With leaders like Mayor Adams at the helm, the future of our food system holds great promise for sustainability and wellness.

Plant-Based Diets and Carbon Emissions

Research shows that a global shift towards plant-based diets could reduce food-related carbon emissions substantially, making it an effective strategy in the fight against climate change. Mayor Adams is leading the charge in New York City not just in an effort to improve health outcomes but also to lower carbon emissions. Under his leadership, plant-forward meals are becoming the default in many New York City health facilities, schools are offering plant-powered Fridays where lunch main entrees are plant-based, large events are being catered with plant-based deliciousness, and many more initiatives are contributing to this effort. 

Creating Systematic Change—Together 

The mission of PLNT Burger is clear and more potent than ever, to “eat the change you wish to see in the world.” This embodies the powerful message that your food choices can make a real difference and acts as an everyday reminder that decisions at the dinner table can contribute to a healthier, more sustainable planet.

Mayor Adams' backing of this plant-based lifestyle is more than just a stamp of approval, it’s a clear acknowledgment of the urgent need for dietary change and validation of sustainable food practices. At PLNT Burger, we continue to revolutionize the fast-food industry with this sentiment driving our mission.  

Potential Impact on the Global Fast Food Industry

The Mayor's support of a plant-forward lifestyle could inspire other city leaders to take similar steps. If more fast-food chains take notice and follow this lead, New York City could become a shining example of sustainable eating for the planet. The more fast-food giants take notice and shift towards more sustainable practices, the more likely we could see a drastic reduction in the environmental impact of our global food system. 

It's clear that a shift is happening. The message is simple: by changing what we eat, we can change the world. If this trend continues, our fast-food landscape could look radically different in the coming years, with sustainability at its core. 

To taste the change for yourself, visit one of our PLNT Burger locations.